The Future Of Digital Ads

Digital Ads will Reign

Mixed with Content Ads, Social ads, Adwords, and Video, the Digital Ad Spend will be matched to TV and Print, by 2020, studies show.

New tech.

New technologies like programmatic buying is getting so big it’s pushing it to TV. We will probably gonna get the same ad if we are scrolling and watching something on Live TV.

For content ads, with new platforms like Wearable and Artificial Reality, the opportunities are endless, making this the best performing type of Digital Ad.

All this, mixed with targeted content, custom-tailored content for the right audience, with the HTML5 flexibility for multi-device, and Video, specially Mobile Video, the future couldn’t be brighter.

Some stats:

  • The IBMs First Banner from 1994. 78% click rate.
  • 54% of users don’t trust banners. Almost 60% of banners aren’t even seen.
  • 20+% use ad blockers.
  • Now Only 4 in every 1000 banners are clicked.

How many of these banners are from trusted brands? How many of these have a good design?

  • Ads pay for Google, Facebook, Twitter,….
  • A YouTube homepage ad typically costs around $400,000.
  • In 2015, 40p on every £1 was spent on digital ads
  • Video is the biggest player – specially mobile video.
  • In the UK, in 2014-15 the budget was over £2bi. 42% in Banners, 22% in Content, 19% in Online Video, 9% in Social Ads, and 7% in other ways.

A few tips by Doubleclick for achieving great results from here on:

  • Design compelling creative:
    Grab the user by the eyes with great, relevant and captivating creative and content.
  • Execute with integrated technology:
    Get the right placement, instead of your competition.
  • Reach audiences across screens:
    Find the best device and the best time, or all together.
  • Measure the impact:
    Check performance and make agile adjustments.



Smart Insights:

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