HTML5 Display Ads

that’ll make you stop scrolling.

Our bread-and-butter, we’ve been working on Banners for over a decade, and for more than 5 years as a HTML5 Display Ads agency. 

We are certified partners of Google DoubleClick, Sizmek, Celtra and others. Having worked with them closely from the beginning of HTML5, we all contributed with each other in some ways, in an effort to create great banners, full of lively content, light-weight, cross-browser and fun!

We have worked with creative agencies creating complex Interactive ads for Youtube Masthead ad slots – which can be the most expensive slot. Some with multiple types of video sources and animation tecniques.




From concept to Build, each step of the way



 We can help at any stage of the campaign, from Digital Concepts, Storyboards, Designs and Illustrations, Animations and Build.

Need some guidance when shooting for HTML5 ads? We offer Creative Tech consultancy when you are planing for the different formats and features available. 

TV / Print to Display Ads


Many times the top tier assets are adapted to lower tier ads. Sometimes some foresight in how to use the assets in display ads is crucial. We can help with pre-production consultancy, as well as creating concepts on how to best use the assets in Display Ads. 

Design, Illustration, Animation


We can design storyboards, formats, create or animate illustrations, create visual effects and looped animations, but also create amazing interactive animations and transitions in HTML5 using TweenMax.

Concepts and Creative Tech


We know how to create Display Ads that have the Wow-factor: they can impress the audience with exciting animations and interactivity, but also work well on any device and are light-weight. 

Build and QA


We love to develop HTML5 display ads and we do it hand-coded. From very simple standard ads to multi-feature rich media display ads, we have the experience and the speed you need to get your ads out there. 


Enhanced Standard Ads

Looking to create 150kb HTML5 Display Ads with great animations, transitions and a bit of interactivity?


No problem. Our expertise in Creative Technology permits us to concept and create Enhanced Standard Ads that are light-weight and with eye-catching Motion Graphics. 

SWR Standard Ads campaign



Rich Media
Interactive Ads

The sky is the limit. With some more file-size availability you can  amazing images, videos, interactivity, bespoke animations and more.  

Rich Media Ads, with file-sizes above 300kb can be very immersive and explain a lot about the product and service. Usually with a bit more complexity, the ads can have multi layers, be retina-ready and have a lot of micro-interactions as well as loading videos. 

Shadow of War ‘Microsite’ HTML5 Ad



Dynamic Content Display Ads

One Ad Shell can be your virtual shop window. 


We can help you create an ‘evergreen’ campaign template that you or your client can edit themselves. We offer a full support on Dynamic Ads, from planning, strategy, analytics and of course, coded to stand any bugs and content changes. 

Netflix Geotargeted Dynamic Ads


Localisation, Adapts, Versions, Medias,…

We also offer full support on Localisation and Adapt creation. 

You can ask us to create or supply us with the Master Ad and we will create all the dimension adapts, versions and all localisation effort you need. And we are probably the fastest Display Ads production agencies you will ever work with. 

Poker Stars Localisation Production


Get in touch and tell us about your project.