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Doubleclick announced last July a few key updates for the future.

The updates:

  • AMP for Ads & Landing Pages
  • Programmatic Mobile Content Bundle Ads
  • Programmatic Mobile Video
  • Audience Lists

A Better user experience

Mobile ads have been the biggest rising star, and it was necessary to make mobile ads a better user experience.

Using Amp, most sites can load nearly instantly. Now, with ads using the same technology, they will be loading faster and work flawlessly, due to Amp’s required validation – better user experience and better ads.

Landing Pages

Having the publisher’s site using Amp and the ad itself is already a huge improvement to the experience.

Doubleclick will now make available Landing Pages for advertisers which will use the same technology, making the whole process quick and efficient, end-to-end.

There isn’t much more about that at the moment, but we will keep this up to date.

Content Ads

The biggest growing ad format nowadays is Content Ads. Doubleclick will allow advertisers to upload an asset bundle = images, copy and logos – that will be dynamically arranged to best fit the content space.

Having now Programmatic for Native, while your user is browsing on their phones, this allows advertisers to place ads to their specific target at the right time, and on the right platform.

Outstream Video

It’s more than clear the ROI of mobile video nowadays. The most immersive experience, blending Sight, Sound and Motion, can now go anywhere programmatically.

Tv spots aren’t as relevant anymore, so having your TVC exposed to the right audience can be more effective than a spot in the Super Bowl or prime-time TV.

Furthermore, Doubleclick ads will support 360 videos, opening the door to Virtual Reality ads.

Programmatic Audience Lists

It is already the best way to engage with audiences at the best time and slot possible.
Now advertisers will be able to select an Audience list to target their ads, either as a reservation or with guaranteed spots.

We will see more and more the growing battle for the best placement and time push the creation of more quantities and more engaging ads.

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