A Letter of Love

There is love for Banners

Those who live in big centres are exposed everyday – when they are not on their screens – on newspapers, billboards, digital displays, or on the public transport.

But there’s a key difference between traditional advertising and digital. Banners are ads that give us amazing free stuff.

We all must be grateful, at least. Would you pay to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or even Google? Would these services be so immense and important, and behaviour-changing, if you had to pay a subscription?

Spotify pioneered the mainstream subscription of internet services – by offering the user the chance to get rid of very disturbing audio ads – that had nothing to do with what the listener would be interested.

Radio and Tv are linear media, and use Audio, which enhances the message a few times. But by being linear they can’t adapt to the audience – but not for long. On prime TV time, you are served an ad targeted to parents even if you are single. Digital advertising is more relevant because it is displayed together with the website’s content, and it is much less disruptive that way.

Banners and Spam.

Nonetheless, banners have a very bad image. Although, you won’t see a banner that is blocking your content, tricking you into a fake link, or displaying NSFW content – from a brand that you trust, these are still the bigger number. Have you ever clicked on those overlay banners on the bottom of a Youtube video?

In my view this is why banners rank so low on Click Rate. Once an ad is placed in the right place for the right audience, it will perform. Or will be “seen”. And when a banner is done properly, it will grasp the viewer’s attention, even if it’s for an instance, and the brand will get its recognition, and the message, potentially read.

The click is a decision, either you are interested enough to leave your content, or scroll past it. But with great design and content, a banner can definitely be more than relevant.

Proper Banners mission is to become a reference in the banner business not only by delivering amazing work – from concepts to publishing, but also train people, share knowledge and change the image of banners and its importance.

Have a read on the articles and case studies, and know more about our work, and of course, banners.

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