Should you use Ad Blockers?

Publishers will likely charge for content if ads are not visible.

Some food for thought:

  • How much the internet costs per user?
  • What’s the cost in posting a news article on the web?
  • Why Ad Blocking is not a threat to Advertisers

Each to its own

Where do people usually go for their content? Most would say social sites, others already know where to go.. No matter what kind of business you are in, or how old are you, you’ve things you want to know, things that’s good you know (professionally or socially), and things that you are not sure why you want to know.

Sometimes you want to know the score of the match because you love football. It also helps on social interactions. But then you click on a gossip about a footballer.

In a multitude of channels and content generators, and the lack of time to consume it all, a user wouldn’t be able to find what’s best or more interesting by herself.

Targeting your recent searches

Sometimes we know the answer and it’s crystal clear, but most times we just don’t.. Wouldn’t it be handy to Google: “gift for partner’s birthday”, and then you get a list of recommendations?

It’s highly immoral to share personal data with members of the public. The same with credit card numbers or bank account details. But some data can be shared between companies and networks, and your friend could easily be exposed to what she has been looking after – in an online ad.

The data collected – likes, comments, shares, page views, etc creates a personalised and tailored experience for the user via algorithms.

This personalised experience enables publishers and advertisers to expose you to content they think you would like or be impressed by – and making you click.

ClickBait Content

Seen in many social media channels, publishers lure visitors to their sites with entertaining/controversial content. Most times the content is relevent, and a lot of it is only word tricks. The strategy is expose their visitors to ads.

Although much of the ClickBait content that there is out there comes from expected sources, many brands are using the same technique. It feels more natural for the user to have ads dressed as content, instead of fighting for attention with banners.

Specially in mobile sites, publishers realised that ads took over too much real estate on screens, so ads changed to look like the publisher’s content, disguised, to get the user whilst she is hungry and ready to share/buy/comment.

Getting the user’s attention is hard enough, and stats show that using attractive content that relates to the user generates a greater interaction rate.

Content Ads

There are a few ways to use content ads. In programmatic buying, Ad servers allows you to upload a bundle of assets that will be automatically dressed as the host’s content, to the right audience at the best time. Advertisers also build specific content for popular publishers to engage more with the audience.

Although these ads are usually spotted quickly, they are not caught in most Ad Blockers. And since their are integrated to the host’s content, it helps create a better user experience.

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